Hello, I’m Rafaella! Welcome to my blog.

Hello, I’m Rafaella! Welcome to my blog.

Since I’m new to the game, I’m sure my blog will take many twists and turns, but you can expect a lot of my posts to be focused on photography tips, experiences in my studio, and what it’s like to work as a full-time photographer. I think it’s important to know why I’m in the business, and that’s because of where I came from. So let’s dive into that a bit more so that we can get to know each other J

I’m a visual person (hence, photography), so starting up a blog is both exciting and out of my comfort zone. I’ve never exactly considered myself a writer but have always admired people who write. I love what I do as a photographer, so I figured I might as well document my experiences via writing. Welcome to the blog—I’m glad you’re joining me for this ride!

From Shoes and Handbags to Moccasins and Clutches

It all began with my exposure to the fashion industry at a young age. I was raised by two entrepreneurial figures: a mother who started her own shoe business and a father who traveled the world researching the latest fashion trends. I spent most of my days behind the scenes of their shoe business while they curated the next season’s collection.  It was, needless to say, a fashion adventure on a daily basis, but an artistic journey nonetheless.

My favorite part of it all was spending time with all of the different women who came through the front door. I chatted with the attendants and learned a lot about the way women see themselves, especially when they smiled at themselves in the mirror when they tried on some trendy boots or left with a new pair of heels.

Transitioning to photography OR Behind the camera

My father traveled often, and every time he returned from a trip, he brought home suitcases filled with photos and fashion magazines. I cherished the photos and magazine pages as ways to connect to my father’s travels. Cover to cover, I spent my childhood years admiring the beautiful photos, studying the models’ faces and marveling over the beautiful locations.  Little did I know, it was more than the travel, the fashion, the beauty, and the art. I was falling in love with photography.

When I bought my first camera, everything changed.  For me, it was never about the glitz and the glam or the crazy lights and dramatic makeup. I was just excited to capture photos of real life and real people. After spending years working with women and seeing the way we view ourselves as females, it became my mission to weave empowering, encouraging themes throughout my photography. Fast forward to present day, and my photography specialties include female portraits, business headshots, and maternity photos.

The blogging begins

A big part of my work is telling your story and empowering you as a woman. A capable, beautiful, unique woman. My relationship with females hails from years of working in the business made for and by women. It’s not about putting you on a pedestal and slathering on a bunch of makeup; it’s about listening to your story and envisioning how you want to see yourself.

So if I’m telling your story, I figured it’s about time I start telling mine. My blog will touch on a range of topics, from tips and words of encouragement to anecdotal adventures in the studio. I hope you stick around for the party ⁠— it will be a one-of-a-kind journey that we’re all in together. Welcome to my blog!

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